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Six Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink From Plastic Bottles

We’ve all heard the term Plastic Is Drastic but do we truly know why? Nearly all of us freely sip from plastic bottles, plastic glasses and even plastic water packets as part of a normal daily routine. We don’t mean to scare you but THIS COULD BE SLOW AND PAINFUL.

It’s time to make that switch to steel and drink water responsibly. Here’s six reasons why:


Reason 1: No Matter How Much The Bottles Testify, Plastic Is Not Sustainable

Plastic bottles are not bio-degradable at all. Steel on the other hand is reusable for eons. Make the difference one sip at a time with the stylish, eco-friendly and reusable Pigeon Water Bottle and beat plastic pollution!


Reason 2: Many Local Water Bottles Are Just Processed Tap Water

Mineral water bottles are seldom reused. A number of fake mineral water packagers are also creating many health issues. Neutralize that double damage by traveling with a cool steel bottle and fill water from potable sources instead. It makes all the difference.


Reason 3: Plastic Bottled Water Contains Toxins

At high temperatures, a lot of toxins silently seep into the water you’re consuming from plastic bottles. Especially in India, where temperatures tend to be high, we’re sure your body would appreciate it if your water was hazard-free.


Reason 4: Fashion, Foodies and Sustainable Cities Are Game Changers

The City of San Francisco, Grand Canyon National Park and many other popular spots have all eliminated bottled water. Even in India, water dispensers are fast being put up in complexes in metros as well as tier 2 cities.

It’s time to get with the trends and keep with the times.


Reason 5: PET bottles aren’t as loving as the word pet

Every part of plastic bottle damages the environment as well as you – right from the cap to the seal ring to the main bottle itself. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, now that’s a mouthful. That also sounds like stuff you wouldn’t want in your system.

Steel however with its high temperature endurance and long life keeps your water pure and ready for hydration at any point of time. Steel also looks fashionably better and adds greater appeal to you in the world’s eyes. Make a fashionable switch.


Reason 6: That little difference goes a long way

Pigeon Bottles are cool, long lasting and save you a lot of money. You contribute along with millions to global sustainability by switching from plastic to carrying your own water. You also save money that you might spend in buying small packaged water bottles outside.

If you think you’re craving water from the glaciers of the Himalayas, the amount that you’ve saved by not buying plastic bottles can be smartly grown for that actual trip to the Himalayas eventually.

Pick up a cool Pigeon Water Bottle and make a difference to the world and you in absolute style.