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Five drinks you can carry in your Pigeon Water Bottle

Well, water is obviously the first choice we’d put out there but hey, here are some other delicious refreshers that can wait for you in your Pigeon Bottle. Designed for versatility and style, here are five drinks that we recommend:


Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Comfort in a flask is what defines Peppermint Hot Chocolate. When you’re having a rough day, take some time off to pour yourself some delicious chocolate milk to calm your soul.



Shirley Temple

Fans of cherry anyone? The Shirley Temple is easily one of the world’s favourites. Served chilled in just 2 minutes, find a fantastically easy recipe to make one of the best on-the-go mocktails.



Masala Chai

India’s favourite beverage is now easily portable. Avoid those multiple chai trips to the local tea shop and bring your favourite beverage to wherever you head, with you.




Got a favourite rehydrative drink that you consume when at the gym? Or perhaps while playing a sport? Pigeon Water Bottle is the perfect companion to help you carry it with you, wherever you go. Sip during workouts or in between runs in ease and convenience.


Chia Seeds and Watermelon

Nutritious. Delicious. Refreshing. Energizing. Pack your Pigeon Water Bottle with this all in one exotic drink and sip during your commute. Keep yourself hydrated the delicious way and bring that fluid level back up in your body.



Now you know some of the meanest and most lip-smacking recipes that could do justice to your Pigeon Bottle as well as your body. So what are you waiting for? Stir up some goodness and keep that Pigeon Water Bottle handy!